Gov. Ducey Releases FY 2017 Executive Budget Recommendation

January 15,2016 | Triadvocates

This afternoon, Gov. Doug Ducey unveiled his proposed FY 2017 Executive Budget, a plan that would provide "budget flexibility in future years" by giving the governor the ability, in response to adverse fiscal conditions, to make mid-year spending reductions. The governor’s $9.5 billion budget proposes an increase of $284 million in spending for FY 2017 as well as $105 million in supplemental funding for FY 2016—a roughly 2-percent growth from current spending levels. Here are the highlights:
$31.5 million to expand the Border Strike Task Force, including $1.5 million to be disbursed to border sheriffs for equipment and operations relating to the Task Force
$30 million for a three-year grant program rewarding Joint Technical Education Districts (JTEDs) that produce high school graduates trained for career and technical education jobs in demand by Arizona business and industry
$8 million for universities
An additional $106 million for K-12 education over and above any new dollars generated by the passage of Prop 123
$11.9 million in IT initiatives—$7.3 million to finish the Department of Education data system and $4.6 million to begin design and build of the Child Safety data system
$10 million intergovernmental loan to state parks for capital needs
$10 million to the Budget Stabilization Fund ("rainy day" fund)
To download the Executive Budget Summary, click here.
Budget hearings will begin in the House and Senate Appropriations Committees on Jan. 19.
Triadvocates is in the process of reviewing the Executive Budget in its entirety and will provide more detailed information to clients within the next several days.

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