Special Edition: New Arizona Laws Take Effect Today

August 03,2018 | Triadvocates

New Arizona Laws Take Effect Today 


Today is the day—the effective date for hundreds of new laws the Arizona Legislature and Gov. Doug Ducey passed last session. Unless otherwise specified, bills that made it to the finish line kicked in at 12 a.m. this morning. Most of the laws are minor changes to existing state statutes that you’ll likely never notice, but a handful are worth noting if you live here.


As of today, by law, consumers can have their credit frozen for free (SB 1163), fees on gift cards are prohibited (SB 1264), children in kindergarten through third grade will get at least two recess periods a day (SB 1083), Grade A eggs can stay on the shelf longer (HB 2464), judges will now decide who gets frozen embryos in a divorce (SB 1393) and, a huge win for the Jurassic lobby, Arizona now has an official state dinosaur: the Sonorasaurus (SB 1517).


For a comprehensive list of the new laws, click here.

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