Triadvocates Navigator Special Edition: Leadership Races

November 08,2018 | TRIADVOCATES

House and Senate Republicans and Democrats met yesterday afternoon and this morning, respectively, to select new leaders. The new leadership teams will get down to business right away to decide committee assignments and chairmanships, which will likely be announced in the next couple of weeks.




President: Karen Fann (LD 1, Prescott)

Majority Leader: Rick Gray (LD 21, Sun City)

Majority Whip: Sonny Borrelli (LD 5, Lake Havasu City)


Minority Leader: David Bradley (LD 10, Tucson)

Assistant Minority Leader: Lupe Contreras (LD 19, Avondale)

Minority Co-Whip: Lisa Otondo (LD 4, Yuma)

Minority Co-Whip: Jamescita Peshlakai (LD 7, Window Rock)



Speaker: Rusty Bowers (LD 25, Mesa)

Majority Leader: Warren Petersen (LD 12, Gilbert)

Majority Whip: Becky Nutt (LD 14, Clifton)


Minority Leader: Charlene Fernandez (LD 4, Yuma)

Assistant Minority Leader: Randy Friese (LD 9, Tucson)

Minority Co-Whip: Athena Salman (LD 26, Tempe)

Minority Co-Whip: Reginald Bolding (LD 27, Phoenix)


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